Nov 21, 2013
Alladin Trophy
Design trophy by IIID, Nagpur

It was a conceptual based design competition as a challenge to build a residence for Arabian folk tale character Alladin. The conceptual forms were derived out of the magical fantasies pertaining to Alladin, a task that took account of students’ power of imagination.

Mar 23, 2013
SAD trophy
Design trophy by IIA, Nagpur

IDEAS won the ‘Indian Institute of Architects, Nagpur centre – Prof S A Deshpande Studio Design Trophy’ for the year 2013. The Indian Institutes of Architects (IIA), Nagpur Centre conducts the competition each year for 8th semester students of architecture affiliated to the Nagpur University and VNIT.


Nov 20, 2014
My first show
Display works of first year students for Basic Design & Visual Arts

The first year studio’s focus is on transition of students into the field of architecture. The design programme which dealt with elements and principles of visual composition, thus, was important for formative creative ideas.

The exercises contained visual compositions using basic elements which encompassed concepts of repetition, rhythm, harmony, colour, texture, interplay of light and shade etc. The result was diverse range of compositions in ‘My First Show’.

Lectures and Seminars

Aug 29, 2014
Prof. K. Mohan
on “Behavior of wind in the vicinity of tall buildings”

Prof. K. Mohan
Principal, School of Architecture, GITAM university, Visakhapatnam.

Prof. K. Mohan, delivering his Doctoral Research work presentation on “Behavior of wind in the vicinity of tall buildings”.

Aug 9, 2014
Ar. Paramjeet Singh Ahuja
on “Documentation technique for settlements”

Ar. Paramjeet Singh Ahuja
Chairman, IIA Center Nagpur.

Ar. Ahuja, delivering lecture on “Documentation technique for settlements”.

Dec 30, 2013
Ar. Allhad Raje
on hotel designs

Allhad Raje
Architect, Mumbai.

Presentation on MEP & its application in hotel design. The presentation was primarily on live projects executed by the architect with design issues and practical problems in execution.

Oct 13, 2012
Prof. Milind Kollegal
on Advance Building Services

Prof. Milind Kollegal
Principal, Masterji College of Architecture, Hyderabad

Prof. Kollegal delivering lecture on Advance Building Services to 7th /8th semester, B.Arch.

Site visits

Sep 18, 2014
Stone Factory
Study of stone cutting process, Nagpur 

Students of 1st year visited the stone factory at village Uti, Umrer Road, Nagpur. The intent was to explore about stone as a building material and the process related to it under the subject Construction Technology and Material.

Sep 11, 2014
Brick Kiln
Study of brick production process, Nagpur 

Students of 1st year visited the brick manufacturing site located at Village Hingani, Taluka Selu, Wardha under the subject of Construction Technology and Material. Over there they saw the entire process of brick manufacturing i.e. from preparation, moulding, drying to burning of bricks. This on-site experience was to actually expose them to the actual practice and qualities of brick as a building material.


Dec 20, 2014
Workshop on training in field practices for students of architecture

This curious introduction to the world beyond books culminates when students are exposed to various challenges and are motivated to think out of the box and find an amicable solution. A workshop conducted in the premises of I.D.E.A.S in collaboration with the Association of Counselling Civil Engineers (A.C.C.E.) acted as a medium to expose the students of 3rd year to various work related atmospheres they will come face to face with once they move out of college.

The Association of Counselling Civil Engineers, Nagpur branch often conducts such workshops for college students. The organisation is headed by Sandip Shirkhedkar.